Whats an E-Bike?

An electric-bike (e-bike) is a regular bike equipped with gears, an electric motor and a battery. It’s also called “pedal assisted”. When you pedal, the engine detects the movement and activates itself, giving you up to 250 watts of power. The extra power can be regulated the whole time with a easy to use throttle controller placed on the handlebar. The e-bike is a vehicle that allows you to ride smoothly on flat land and then “power assists” when you may ride uphill or into the wind.

Our E-bikes are the most appropriate and innovative way to enjoy all that Mandurah has to offer with respect for the environment. With these innovative pedal-assisted bikes, you can spend an easy and relaxing day enjoying the beauty of the city and its natural surrounds.

It’s a real experience to cycle in Mandurah along its many bike paths with ocean & estuary views, discovering the city in a relaxed way, having fun and respecting the environment with the ease of a E- bike! Enjoy Mandurah on two wheels and discover the best of this water playground!

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Sights of Mandurah

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